This page is primarily for event organizers. It is public for transparency purposes. More player-centric information is available here.

First off, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who sees TETR.IO as the home for their events, and regards the game as the place to be for competitive stacking! I'm very glad the competitive community has accepted TETR.IO as major game within the community, and of course I will continue to support events that take place on the platform.

With the TETR.IO promotional kit, I hope to further collaborate with event organizers to bring amazing events to the platform and help them thrive. To keep this sustainable and fair, there are some basic rules regarding the promotional kits and their application. You can find these rules and more information about the kits below.


The TETR.IO promotional kits generally consist of a few elements:

You've most likely seen all of these in action at some point — they are extremely powerful, targeted and lucrative. The TETR.IO promotional kit is the difference between 20 and 500 participants, the difference between staying unknown and becoming a major community member. Many communities and now-influencers have been given their opportunities to grow by the kit — it's not just the key to running a successful, large-scale TETR.IO event, it's a cheat code.


This advertising kit is incredibly powerful. Anyone would call me an utter fool for giving it away for free. I'm doing it anyway. The competitive TETR.IO community is very important to me, and I absolutely want to keep supporting it where possible. However, to keep this fair, I cannot give out free or discounted kits to everyone. There are requirements to getting these kits for free.

The main dividing line is the nature of the use of the kit. That is, whether the kit is used to inform about particularly notable community events, or as promotional/marketing tool. If the notability of your event hinges on being able to advertise with TETR.IO's toolkit, it's generally a no-go. To be clear, exceptions are always possible (most notably, Underdogs Cup was such an exception; it has since grown to be a major, trend-setting community event of insane proportions). The use of the kit for non-TETR.IO-bound promotion is possible, but generally not eligible for the free tier.

Secondly, please keep in mind the promotional/sponsored nature of a event. Outside of short mentions to community sponsors or other community events, the free tier does not allow sponsored events or advertising within or around your event. This rule is somewhat vague on purpose, as it is difficult to draw a concrete line in this space. Please understand that this is handled on a case-by-case basis. To prevent confusion or accidental fraud, all sponsors and advertisements of any kind must be declared. See the section Application Process for more details.

Finally, there should be a clear connection between you and the stacker community as a whole. The free tier is meant for community events.


In general, if you are eligible, the kit is entirely free. I do request that any amount of your choosing (be it €1 or 50%) of event proceeds are remitted to TETR.IO. This can be through PayPal/bank wire/Bitcoin invoice, but it could be far more fun to give out Supporter gifts to players or spectators. Events with proceeds below €100 do not need to even consider doing this.

In cases where a lot of work is requested (high-fidelity banners, banners with complex popups, work outside of my office hours, etc.), or your given flight times clash with other events, I may request a minimum amount for my time. If this is the case, I will let you know in time, at which point you can change plans to something simpler, or accept and go with the complex request.

Note that when on the free tier, the kit is NOT a service, it is a gift to the community. There are NO WARRANTIES involved with a free kit. It is offered on an AS-IS basis with zero guarantees of quality, availability or fitness to any particular purpose. You are receiving a personal gift on behalf of the community, from the developer of a game that is already free-to-win. You are not entitled to it. I retain the right to withdraw or withhold it any time.


The price for the kit is generally dynamic based on amount of sponsorship, promotional nature of the advertised event, amount of audience overlap, etc. Additionally, advertising prices change with the seasons. In general, advertising increases in price as the year progresses, with Q4 being the most expensive. Advertising around events like Black Friday will bump up prices considerably. The same goes for TETR.IO events. Having a lot of banners at once, or very large banners causes the third-party ad slots to be pushed below the fold for a greater amount of users, lowering revenue from these ads very significantly (over 80% at times).

Due to the ever-changing nature of these things, I cannot give any price estimates on a non-changing knowledge base article like this one. For any estimate or offer, please contact me. Please be advised that digital advertising is not cheap. The usual price for a single Google Search ad click ranges between $1 and $2, and can even go into double digits for particularly expensive keywords. TETR.IO's advertising kit gives you thousands of such clicks daily, from a highly engaged, specialized audience who will be very interested in your content, as well as the positive effect of linking your brand and TETR.IO's brand together.

Many payment models are available (per click, CPM, per day...). Please get in contact if you are interested in directly reaching over 600,000 monthly active players of one of the largest stacker games (if not the largest!) in the industry.


The application process is straight-forward and can be handled easily through Discord or any other means of contacting me. Please keep note of the following:


I hope this sheds some light on the procedure and policy regarding TETR.IO's advertising kits. I am ever happy to answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in advertising on TETR.IO, please contact me! I look forward to whatever community you may build!

This document was last updated on July 3rd, 2022.